Top 10 SECRETS casinos DON’T want you to know!

I’m excited about this project and can’t wait to share some real bangers of knowledge accumulated over 20 years. Enjoy.

0:00 How much comps I received in 2022
1:29 Casinos aren’t really Casinos Anymore
2:09 Not all Jackpots are Created Equal
2:56 Casinos Paying you to Stay
3:46 Shadow Comps
4:53 Free Money
5:39 Bonus Secrets
6:08 Casinos Marketing
7:13 Tier/Offer Matching Process
8:57 Proof Slots are Better than Table Games
9:58 Getting Comped
10:41 Beatable Games around Vegas

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 SECRETS casinos DON’T want you to know!”

  1. No wonder the mob ran gambling in America, IT'S DISGUSTING that they don't pay you the full amount in one go,or if you want the lump then it's less. They do this with lottery as well,them they tax you!!!!
    I feel for you guys, over here ( UK) if the jackpot is £25 000 000 then you get £25 000 000 in one lump,none of this paid over 20 years or a smaller lump sum nonsense, this is the same for the lottery as well and IT'S TAX FREE
    The tax is taken out of the stake or out of the price of the lottery ticket. If we want to gamble then it's NOTHING to do with the government, taxation on gambling just blows my mind,so wrong

  2. The AI voice makes this video almost un-watchable. It's just weird because you talk and are seen in all of your videos, so it' not like you're uncomfortable with your voice being in videos. I guess the AI voice was just super unexpected.

  3. I am always anxiously awaiting your next video! This was interesting info so I appreciate it, but I have to agree with other comments re: the voice over. The robot can’t get the same inflection as a human so it did make some of it very hard to decipher. I would have been very happy with your voice however imperfect you think it would have been! That’s part of what I love about your videos – you are a the real entertaining you!! Aloha & Mahalo from Kauai! 🤙

  4. Did your voice change? Back in my day of card counting late 60s to mid 70s all you needed to do was flash a wad, bankroll would get you a lot. You needed to play of course this got you invited back. I once booked 3 rooms at the Sundance, downtown just by getting to know the shift manager, all comped. Comps were very easy back in the day. My first comp was in 1966 when I bumped into Benny Binion as I got up from a 21 table at the Horse Shoe, he talked to me for a few minutes and bought me breakfast. He told me always ask for what you want when you are gambling. I never forgot him or his sons, Ted and Jack. Good Times.

  5. We're counting on you to make parking free in Vegas again! Tell them you won't be back if you have to pay to park! you'll take your money elsewhere.

  6. Recently came across your channel from John's World of Video Poker, thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us!

    Btw, interesting choice of background music, old school Castlevania 😀

  7. If the casinos would take my advice, they'd put free play on every machine after someone leaves it! Just a few cents short of the minimum bet but unable to cash out as a voucher. Instead you got slot attendants printing out tickets for 12 cents all day thinking they are saving casino $$$

  8. Good info but the voice was so irritating I could barely listen. You may not like your voice but we do. You have the voice of wisdom and experience, the mechanical voice has no credibility. I'm not saying this to be critical but to tell you that if you do something like this again you will get far more likes, far more subscribers and far better everything if you do YOU! 💙

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