The 21st Century Casino 🎰 – Industry Webinar

The casino of the future is being shaped by unprecedented changes in consumer behavior and rapid online growth. The pandemic accelerated these trends, and the companies that will come to dominate the evolving market are those that adapt and transform their model.

Join Applico, Black Fire Innovation, and UNLV for an online conference on industry changes, trends, and opportunities for casinos to build new digital business models.

Learn About:
– The new casino model, what models are working in iGaming and land-based, and the emerging casino of the future
– SPACs and sports betting, the leaders and laggards, and regulation and fairness
– eSports landscape and how soon we’ll be betting on video games legally

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00:30:22 – The New Casino Model | What is The Casino of the Future?
00:59:39 – iGaming & Private Capital: Leaders and Laggards
01:30:26 – eSports Landscape: How Soon Before Betting On Video Games is Legal?
01:58:01 – Regulation & Fairness | Is there a threat in cheating for online games, social, sports, esports?
02:28:53 – Platforms, New Tech, and the Land-Based Casino: What New Business Models Are Working?
02:59:19 – Women in Leadership: How women in leadership will change the gaming industry
03:27:52 – Advanced Games: What are the new games sure to attract gamblers of all ages?
03:58:34 – Las Vegas: When is Las Vegas coming back and what is the new winning formula?

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