Sweden and UK: case studies of gambling over-regulation | World's Gaming Festival

Has gaming regulation in Europe become too restrictive?

In this panel, we addressed the issues faced in the industry due to European regulations becoming tighter and tighter. Using the recent controversial Swedish reforms as a case study, we took a frank and pragmatic look at whether these constraints are really justified. Authorities cite increased risks of problem gambling, but are they using the most effective methods of measuring problematic player activity?

Customers should be encouraged to set those limits and operators should be obliged to review them, the idea that everyone should be on fixed limits seems to me to be, whilst attractive to regulators, not conducive to a healthy regulated market. – Nick Nocton, Mischon de Reya

Meet the panel:
MARIA MCDONALD – Partner – Nordic Gaming
NICK NOCTON – Partner – Mischon de Reya LLP
SIMON BERNHOLT – Partner – Wiggin

Regulation conference hosted by WH Partners


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