🤫😱Do You Know This SECRET About the New Top Dollar Slot Machine? Plus Cash Machine! 🔥

Hi All! 6 Days & counting to being in my happy place!


Today I’m playing my arch nemesis Cash Machine & then took on the new Top Dollar!

Always appreciate your comments/messages! Thanks so much for watching & I’m taking machine requests for Las Vegas! Woo hoo!! xoxo

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48 thoughts on “🤫😱Do You Know This SECRET About the New Top Dollar Slot Machine? Plus Cash Machine! 🔥”

  1. looked like a couple of decent hits. do you win anything if the diamonds all line up on the pay line? and was that a bingo terminal? when you panned up for a brief second cashing out it looked like a glimpse at a bingo card. is this one of their class 2 machines?

  2. Actually, according to the channel Cowboy Slots, this game ranks as the WORST OF THE WORST
    And he has a long career as a Slot Techie for the casinos!
    Putting perfume on a PIG does not change it from being a PIG

  3. I love that first machine. Never doing anything real good. Won 500 on it last night in that same area. I feel like the gold does better than the green.

  4. My local casino has that Double Top Dollar. U can play 25 cents, 50 cents,$1, or $2 denom. I play the 9 line version and I've won on it every time. This past weekend was only cashing out up $52, but a win is a win🤑

  5. Nope young lady you’re wrong it’s response at any time it’s just doesn’t do it often but I’ve seen it respin on $1.02 dollars on five dollars and on 5 for 10,500

  6. Hi Stacey! I FINALLY hand-paid on the new Top Dollar slot machine after 4 days of grinding in Vegas last week. I hit on my last spin, before I was to leave to return home. $1,250 baby jackpot in Luxor High Limit Room ($25+$100+$250+$250×2). The new machines seem to be tight in my opinion. That was the only bonus I got in 4 days.

  7. Thanks for the heads up and wish it would of hit. It looks exciting, but I also like the old fashioned one. I can camp out on those for bourse. Lol😆. Have a sunny day🐝🍀🌞

  8. Stacy, I totally agree about the vintage old school machines (we still see them with the coin pans ❤) but I also play this type. I have seen their insides and at least there are still 3 mechanical wheels. Love your videos! Thanks!!!

  9. That’s a pretty awesome trick on the top dollar, i should have realized that when the bank that I was playing on was all 9 lines except the last one and it was set on the single line. I was there last weekend playing the one set on single line and did so good on it, I managed to get a line hit of double triple bar double for 3200!! I like your videos at winstar since that’s where we play, I would have never know those machines were there if it wasn’t for your videos lol

  10. Stacey, you are right. If you land just 1 0 or the double 00 on first spin, it will spin again. If the respin lands just another 0 or the double 00 it will spin a third time. If nothing else lands then it is finished. Same goes for if the first spin lands JUST the 0 in the middle AND the double 00 on the end, it will spin one more time. And some Cash machines have nudging, where after the reels stop one or more will move again and some have red spins. Anytime a red spin happens, it is a guarantee that SOMETHING will hit but it could be 5 dollars hitting or up to 10 thousand. It is after all a GAMBLE like always. 👗👗👠👠💓💓😉😉

  11. Good info on the new cabinet top dollar…but old habits are hard to break..I like the old version🤫🤫

  12. . .the Money machine with the (red glowing) respin feature could be a better machine as opposed to this Spin machine . .

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