🔴 Unleash the Dragon 🐲 We’re in Washington! Ilani Casino

Live for the first time at our partner ilani Casino! Let’s #LineItUp from Washington State!

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42 thoughts on “🔴 Unleash the Dragon 🐲 We’re in Washington! Ilani Casino”

  1. gargle your throat with warm saltwater and take some Tylenol…drink anything warm/hot and that should help your throat…suck on throat lozenges

  2. Triple fortune dragon is the best game ever! Wish the Vegas casinos had these. Cosmopolitan is the only casino I know of that has the original game on a machine with multi games to choose from.

  3. Brian….it would be great to have a hard plastic version of the pocket bank. At Potawatomi and likely others, it always triggers the metal detectors. First time I'd say to use plastic 🙂

  4. That woman that gave you the live super chat brought tears to my eyes. Wow, so sweet. I, too, have no clue how to give you money online so I signed up to be a rudie to give you SOMETHING…even if it is small. I just love you and the crew. I watch you every day. You are always a bright spot. Thank you.

  5. I have found that the newest of the Fortune Dragon machines is the most volatile of all. Because of that it is nice when I can find one where the minimum bet is not $2.50. Please continue to Correctly pronounce the name, I find myself not wanting to go there because they don’t pronounce it properly. Ilani (ill awn knee) NOT A L N A.

  6. When you mentioned how many machines were there, it reminded me of working for VictoryLand casino in Shorter, Alabama – at the time (11 years ago) there were 6000 machines; Bingo-based. Unfortunately, the governor suddenly decided they were illegal and closed them down.

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