कैसी होती है Las Vegas की एक शाम?

The life at Las Vegas is vibrant and diversified. We spent three days in the sin city as Las Vegas is called and the experience was unique.

The casino culture is an integral part of life in Las Vegas, with many of the city’s top hotels and resorts offering a variety of gambling options. In addition to the casinos, Las Vegas is known for its world-class entertainment scene, which includes some of the best musical acts, performers, and shows in the world. Las Vegas offers a unique blend of excitement, entertainment, and cultural experiences that make it one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world.

1:32 The MGM Resorts shares bottom up
2:08 How people can enjoy losing money at Las Vegas Casinos?
3:17 Rationality to highly destructive irrationality.
3:45 What is rationality?
4:52 1% chance of winning $10,0001
6:57 What happens in share market?
7:38 In the book “The thoughtful investor” it is mentioned many times that “Normally the pain of losing is much more than the joy of winning” which can be correlate to gambling.
8:24 Difference between casinos and stock market
12:26 State in USA can run Lottery
14:31 States use the revenue collected by lottery for constructive activities
14:40 Why people go to Casinos when they know they are going to lose?
15:12 Insurance companies have business model completely opposite to casinos
17:07 Through insurance we buy “peace of mind”
17:31 Impact of Covid over Casino and cruiseliner stocks.
18:40 Loud music makes places more entertaining.
19:38 A very new world at Las Vegas.
22:32 Similar places in India (Park street, Marine drive at the time of new year)
23:03 Food culture of American people

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    India is the best

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  3. Sir, while shooting from mobile, plz keep mobile horizontal rather vertical.. We will get full view of your background… keep posting videos. And enjoy real things of Las Vegas,

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